Blinco Bridge Club, Cambridge

Update of this page in progress, contact me if you need assistance!
 Log in at
Don't tick 'Invisible' or we won't be able to see you're in the club!
 Choose 'Casual'.
 Choose 'Start a table' or wait for an invite from fellow Blinco folk.
 Set Table options.
If you are starting a table, set Table Options, especially Permission required to play! That way, random strangers will not be able to jump in uninvited.
 Add players to your table.
Click on each seat at your table and add yourself, your partner opposite and your chosen opponents in the other seats.
If they are in the club and not already seated elsewhere, clicking to start play at your table should prompt them to sit.
 Leaving the table.
Play the agreed number of hands (4 or 6, depending on how many are playing). Opponents should leave the table by left clicking their name at the table and then clicking Yes (as shown above) and the next pair's names should be entered in the now vacant seats. Please note, there is no auto movement after a set number of hands, we have to do it manually. You can message people by clicking on their name and sending a private message, except when they are already sitting at your table.
I have the following user names registered on BBO:

Neil - BigNeilM65
Andrew - AndrewR19
Panos - panosp
Paola - giongo
Caroline - flossyc
Lydia - lydias10
Fred - fred22fw
Peter - peterb1935
Eric - Old Duffer
Penny - minkystuff
Mike - mibrow
Carol - callyw
Carole - wimpole58
Arie - asones
Martin - martinmays
John - JohnM621
Christopher - chrisjoube
Alan - alan1346
Margaret - magling
Tanawan - TiPi1
Derek - Hyperion2

If anyone not listed wants to join us, please let me know your login name and I will add it to the list. The plan is to play Monday evenings at 6.30pm and one other day possibly morning or afternoon (to be advised) for those who are interested. If you want to play, please be in the club a few minutes beforehand so that we can get things going. Any problems, message me online, or text 07590 986020.